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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Day 50

See Day 1 (Blog 1 for Introduction)

"In no time our little group came out into the cold moonlight, which seemed, silvery and spooky to us, reflecting an aura of doom and gloom over our side of the globe.

We had little wooden soles with canvas on our feet and had received a little bit of what I think was a kind of bread crust.  The whole transport was pretty well intact minus the twenty five dead.  At this point, we were nearly senseless and could barely see above the atrocities and cruelty.  We had begun to notice only cold and warmth, pain and sorrow and were just barely aware of the stars at night and by day the sun and clouds.

If you got too much out of line you were just shot or pushed or walked into the gas chamber yourself.  We moved like "Les Miserables", trying to walk with those  planks on our feet.  We had to get used to the planks immediately.  The earth was very wet and marsh like - I think this place was constructed on the moors to make it harder to endure!

Having walked outside now and passed the two Frankenstein looking buildings with their smoke stacks, I sighed and thought we were too close to them for comfort.  To our right, all the barracks looked long and dreary and did not have windows.  They put us in the two, last barracks, on our left, next to the furthest crematorium.

Strict orders were given - we were not to leave the barracks!  There was one latrine outside with a long pit alongside it with water coverage.  That was all, 
no bunks, no chairs, no tables.  Condemned people sentenced to die do not need to lie or sit down"!

To be continued ....

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