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Monday, 28 September 2015

Day 183 - My dad and I both seen to have been in touch with our shadows!!!

Excerpt from my dad's notes about life in Bulawayo for him in the 70's - Bulawayo helped me to see my shadow too...I treated my workers according to the laws of the land and more often than not, much better!   My work force consisted of the worst  type of rabble one could find.  Workers, who were considered to be  throw-outs of old mines, simpletons, agitators, infiltrators and, on top of it all that, we were operating in Maholi country.

The Maholi, at that time were considered to be descendants and previous prisoners of, The Matabele Impis. 
Image result for images of matabele In other words, people who had been put on the "edge" or edges of the forbidden territory, or similar to "an army of the damned in the twilight zone."

In return for wages and extras you got practically no production.  As soon as my back was turned there was wide-scale theft as well as threats to my  workers from enlisted intimidators, as well as, unending quarreling which was intermittently added to the, by now, "big bag of tricks".

On top of everything else  groups of young con-men would also tell the workers to demand Sheelite money per pound/weight, which for their own protection, was forbidden by law.  Lastly, competition from other prospectors and miners was also very high.  Common occurrences were,  jumping claims and "salted" information.

To be continued .... (My Dad is talking about issues and attitudes from the 1970's,, including his own attitude of course!) - see his war memoir at: or ca!

Day 182 - What I learned from my dad is to forget my personal tragedies and move on....

I can see my shadow too! Thanks Dad!