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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Day 49 - Reflections on War and Life

See Day 1 (Blog 1 for Introduction) 

"I didn't actually see the people being pushed into the death houses and gas chambers.  Our "liquidators" were masters at covering up and hiding their atrocities and murders; but the results spoke for themselves.  Because of this and other reasons, some survivors past and present, still have a hard time convincing people that the events they saw and experienced actually happened.  This seems similar to the struggle that Galileo experienced when trying to convince people that the world was round not flat!

All that happened seems fathomless and incomprehensible to most people. We will never understand the whole affair, spiritually or otherwise. Even the S.S., who were personally involved, acted as though they didn't do it themselves.  So much was never understood by those who had never been there. I do know that we were there as a result of a war that we had been forcibly pushed into!

To tell the truth as we saw it and then to be told, or near enough, that it could not have been so is hard for me to understand!  Maybe it could all be boiled down to a bad dream, after all, life and death is only a passing event. The S.S. proved that to be true because they were given backing and power which allowed them to do anything to anybody, similar to wild animals.

The belief and faith that the, "All Being", suddenly decides, at a certain point, that it's enough and that people can walk through the Red Sea, destroy their  enemies or that one individual will be saved among all the dying, like an ant that is not trodden on is a strong faith!  Such things did happen but not for the majority of people in the camps.  For the most part, everything ran like clockwork, the trains went to their destinations on time, the gas chambers worked excellently and for a long time nothing seemed to come in the way of the smooth flow of affairs put into motion.  

When near the end people seemed to accept their deaths as a matter of fact and if you didn't it made absolutely no difference!  One was not capable of doing anything else but suicide.  At the same time, soldiers and civilians were dying on all fronts.  Somehow, "The Creator", was in all this but who knows his way of working - cleaning the culmination of all the wrongs with more and better wrongs!!??

The passing of events we really do not understand but the visible things are there for the living.  It is the same for the whole universe and it's workings - you can see it. Beyond what we can see for ourselves, we do not seem to know or comprehend the infinite whole however much we try to figure it out.

The spirit challenges even it's own maker.

Everybody thinking he or she has the monopoly over what!!!!???????until ground down to nothing over and over again.........."

To be continued ...

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