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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Day 152 - Heard today!

New Readers: Day 1 is an introduction to my Dad's WWII memoir!

I am Louis' daughter, Paula.  I started blogging his memoir in late December 2011.  I recently heard someone say that depending on who you talk to and what nationality and culture they are from -that their WWII stories and perspectives differ quite dramatically. My Dad was Flemish from Belgium! 

Day 1 - Day 130 are his story and I added a mish mash of related things from approximately Day 130 onwards.

I was just going to write -  I hope you enjoy my Dad's story which is similar, I guess, to hearing someone say Happy Remembrance Day,  which just goes to prove that every communication boils down to a matter of a person's unique perspective on life!

Written: November 11, 2012

Today, I attended a, "Remembrance Day" ceremony and later went for something to eat.  While waiting at the front of the restaurant, a young child went up to the "Greeter's post" and the employee said to the child, "Happy Remembrance Day" - haven't heard that one before!!!