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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Day 162 - Reflection by one of Louis' children

Through my dad's war experiences, coupled with some of his later disappointments about attitudes and situations he experienced in life, some of which I experienced first-hand, has led me to the realization that he was right about many things and that:

A warrior accepts defeat.  He does not treat it as a matter of indifference, nor does he attempt to transform it into a victory.  The pain of defeat is bitter to him, he suffers at indifference and becomes desperate with loneliness. After all this has passed he licks his wounds and begins anew.  A warrior knows that life is made of many battles - he goes on ................Quote by Paulo Coelho

and also by the above author:

Making the decision was only the beginning of things.  When someone makes a decision he or she is really diving into a strong current that will carry him or her to places they never dreamed of....

My dad's memoir is at: or com

By Paula Fynaut

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